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Left Shark


Hobbes is a tiger in the jungle of social contracts


On the walls of the spaceship are your attempts at drawing human hands. Two years of practice, getting ever better – scratched out on pages of engine manuals using carbon rods taken from the dying core. As the ship gets colder, all you can do is imagine the warmth of their touch. ~ @[email protected]


The Internet via mixtape: you find a bunch of cool stuff, zip it in a folder, and send to a friend. Stuff gets added, deleted, and passed on to someone else. A personal, caring, and kind way to network.


Trying out HTML for the log. A little more cluttered when writing, but I guess it will be easy enough to write then throw it in a online (or even offline I guess) converter. I think the learning benefits will definitely outweight the pain, there's so much cool stuff that can be done with just basic HTML.

It will also make pictures possible, which TXT would not allow at all, though they would also be possible with Markdown. But if you can figure out Markdown, not much more difficult to figure out basic HTML.


Never May the Fruit be Picked

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Never, never may the fruit be plucked from the bough

And gathered into barrels.

He that would eat of love must eat it where it hangs.

Though the branches bend like reeds,

Though the ripe fruit splash in the grass or wrinkle on the tree,

He that would eat of love may bear away with him

Only what his belly can hold,

Nothing in the apron,

Nothing in the pockets.

Never, never may the fruit be gathered from the bough

And harvested in barrels.

The winter of love is a cellar of empty bins,

In an orchard soft with rot.


Frustrated by dead links, and it prompts the question: Can we do without links? Can we just have really long documents, that reference other documents? And maybe just have links within the documents? Frustration spawns the strangest dreams.


Testing adding a post from the mobile Github app, seems to work. Want to find a better solution for mobile, but guess this will do for now.


Hello World! The first entry in this log, we'll see what happens.